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welcome to egg and egg directory

this part of lostaubergine is dedicated to the egg comic, egg diriving from eggplant (aubergine). it's a collaborative comic between vivkatzz(jade/vivposting) and yggdrasil-incar(rico,yggi). story, jokes and narrative is provided by me, viv and art is drawn by me and yggi(rico). sometimes we will had collaborators beyond ourselves however when those happen i will make it blantantly clear we have one and put it in b i g b o l d l e t t e r s for those who can't see it in the back.

meet the authors/artists featured

this guy write here creates all the grand concepts presented in this collaborative pieces. she ands screenwrite docs over to ygg to turn into artwork and panels of dubious quality. she codes the website and creates all the website buttons, graphics for egg. she makes funnie shitposts and writes music sometimes. she is 19 years old and might as well not exist in this hellspawn digital realm. she has a minecraft server so, go shoot a message to her on discord if you really wanna join.