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jade(viv/vivposting) / 19 / demigirl, she,they

hi, im a an artist but i do other stuff too and this is my official resources and landing page for my exclusively creative work! it includes my personal email for these hobbies! it has been a delayed decision to purchase another domain for this kind of content since domains and websites can be a lil pricey... but after a lil bit of debate it is here. not only is it here it barely works! ssl does not like me... you can find when its fully up and running all the creative media ive ever made! you know what... artwork, free source code, music, romhacks, fonts, graphics and assets for socials and websites, guides for flight rising, neopets and furvilla. literaly anything ive created for fun is here for everyone to enjoy!

besides creative content you can find a teenie tiny blurb about me, my friends and what i enjoy, along with all my social links except ones i have private! you can also find my universal commission prices what servers i mod on discord and what games i play, all of my friend codes and my steam username and info! (along with a nifty forum if you are a mutual to apply for my steam communism account... :D)

since this is all a very big work in progress, feel free to check in to see if ive added new pages to this website! it will be constantly changing and updating as i add onto it and more will come after the security check is done for my domain. there is also a small section which promotes my minecraft server and although i do freelance work that pays for my domains, severs and premium accounts i will add my patreon and kofi at a later date in case you want to support me via cash monee

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images, photography, code, video, and textual media are property of lostaubergine/fallenaubergine unless stated otherwise!!! :B

email me; woof@lostaubergine.com