hello world!

i'm motherfucking lostaubergine

@h4rmoniicz / tooney , 19 years old , i get around the interwebs

i'm a general content creator, but i mostly am a writer and coder at heart who also does the draw. i am 19 years old and i go by a few names on the internet, but im best known as peter or tooney. as i had said in my introduction i get around the internet, as a multimedia creator, i enjoy mulitmedia content, most notibly ARGs and weird funky internet mysteries. a lot of the connections ive made which i am proud of fall along the media creator lines.

most of my social medias are public and will be listed down below. if you have any big problems or questions involving my property, content or characters/stories you can email me at gulls.watching@gmail.com.

i try to not leave a large internet presence, so the best way to get into contact is my email or "static" socials, such as my furaffinity or toyhouse, these do not change names. sometimes my personal twitter / tumblr change usernames for aesthetic reasons. however, there will always be a way to find me online. this website!

other links

message me on discord at h4moniicz#4342

find me at twitter at @h4moniicz

find me at toyhouse at vivkatzz (some character profiles contain sensitive content)

find me at deviantart at vivkatzz

find me at instagram at vivkatzz

find me at furaffinity at rudletoodle (has nsfw artwork)

i have an amino account, it is inactive and im only on furry amino, coin adopts amino, fursuit maker amino and animal jam amino, any other aminos are not actually mine

direct message / inbox me for my ao3 and other priv social media

you are not immune to propoganda.

images, photography, code, video, and textual media are property of lostaubergine/fallenaubergine unless stated otherwise. all artwork is credited to their respecitve artists and is owned by me.

email me; gulls.watching@gmail.com / 42flock@gmail.com